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Leave your car in safe hands

Under the impression that all car valeters are the same? Would it surprise you to know that certain techniques used by many can in fact damage and prematurely age the appearance of your car?

Well, you can rest assured that all of the techniques that we use here at Spic & Spanners are safe, gentle and promise a showroom finish.

How do our valeting services differ?

  • We use a range of non-caustic products to protect your plastics & paintwork
  • A mild cleaning spray or foam is applied to your car which, after being left to soak, is power washed off
  • We use a deep pile wool wash mitt which, unlike a sponge, does not drag dirt & grit across your paintwork
  • Every mitt is rinsed in clean water & washed in fresh shampoo solution before being used to clean the next area of your car, ensuring dirt is removed rather than moved around
  • Your car is then dried using a gentle microfibre towel to reduce marring & protect your paintwork
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